What is AdWords?

AdWords is Google's advertising program. When you execute a specific search like "Yoga New York", Google will deliver you relevant ads matching your search query, i.e. ads from Yoga Studios in New York (highlighted and marked as "Ad").

AdWords ads come in many flavors: They can be pure text, but also banners (display network: partner sites of Google) or on other platforms such as Youtube also videos (text ads are still possible). Another advertising option in AdWords, with a very good cost / benefit ratio, is remarketing. Typical example: Someone places a product in a shopping cart, but does not buy it. The next day, when surfing on a different website, a banner with exactly that item pops up - this is not a
coincidence - this is remarketing!

I do run remarketing campaigns also a lot on Facebook as there is a vast reach and costs are also moderate there.

Benefits of AdWords

  • One of the big advantages of AdWords is that you can start a campaign within a few hours (perhaps the Landing page) and reachyour target audience almost immediately.
  • With AdWords you are also able to quickly position youself for search queries (keywords) where you are not (yet) present in the search results.
  • Compared to SEO (search engine optimization), where it can take weeks or in the worst case months to see the (optimization) results, with AdWords you are present there almost instantly.

AdWords effectively and efficiently

As a Certified Google Partner AdWords I have more than 10 years of successful experience in setting up, running and
optimizing AdWords campaigns for smaller and larger companies across a variety of industries.
Take a shortcut on the learning curve and don't do the beginner's mistakes on your own: benefit from my experience!

AdWords used pragmatically

Your AdWords campaigns usually should support your other corporate goals and or (online) marketing initiatives.
You with your expectations, wishes, budget, etc. are always in the center of my attention not a standardized approach.
I like to put a particular focus on cost, achieved goals (it has to convert...) and ROI (Return On

AdWords coupons

Last but not least: To "sweeten" your start into the AdWords world, I have AdWords vouchers for US$ 150.00 (only for new customers!). If you spend US$ 150.00 for AdWords ads, Google will give you the next US$ 150.00 for free.

Free Audit

If you’ve gotten frustrated trying DIY – or looking for answers to know if your business could be more successful than it has been in the past, call me +41 76 348 00 99, send me a mail or use the contact form to receive a free audit of your website and campaigns.