Search results are not equal to search results!

Websites can not only show up on the search engine result pages (SERP's) in the traditional way we all know, but there is actually a great variety of search results types. Think of e.g. images, videos. Depending on the topic, local search results (search results positioned on a map) can also be of great importance.

I would also like to help you to separate the wheat from the chaff and drive the right people to your web site. A lot of
traffic (to your website) might be funny but it won't lead to anything if its not the "right" people.

On-page optimization

"Content is King!" This sentence is still justified! Useful, actual information is still an important element of any SEO strategy. With the right choice of relevant keywords (keywords), page titles, headlines, etc., but also taking into account some more technical aspects in the background, the relevance of your website can be significantly increased with relatively little effort.

Off-page optimization (link building)

Also called "Link Building". Links to your website are viewed in the Google algorithm as a kind of recommendation for your website, even better if authoritative sources or thematically relevant pages are linked to you.

Linkbuilding is often neglected or approached the wrong way, even though it makes a crucial contribution to positioning your website in the search results.

Nowadays this also means to be mentioned or considered ("Social Signals": Likes, Shares, Comments, etc. ) on the
social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Xing, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.).

I would be happy to help you develop a pragmatic linkbuilding strategy, which should achieve maximum impact with minimal effort.

User interaction

Google for example (its not the only Search Engine...) knows exactly how the visitors, who are guided to your website, behave. How long do people stay on your website (average duration)? How much is the bounce rate (people are leaving your website immediately without visiting other pages), CTR (click-through rate), etc.? These metrics enable Google to figure out how relevant your site is for a particular search query or not.

All these things are not carved in stone, undergo a permanent change but nevertheless can be prepared and optimized accordingly.

Free Audit

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