Your company in the social media?

Would you like to open up the world of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Xing & Co.) to your company or optimize your existing presence there? Or do you just want to know what is the most efficient way for advertising on e.g. Facebook for your company?

Advertising on Facebook

The strength of Facebook as an advertising platform in general is certainly the large spread in the population (not every age group the same but you would wonder...) and their incredible user numbers. Facebook has 214 million (January 2017) users in the US. By April 16 about 79% of all adults online in the US would use Facebook! At the end of December 16, approximately 1.86 billion users were registered on Facebook! If Facebook was a country, it would be the most populous country on earth ... China would then be at about 1.4 billion (January 2016) inhabitants in the second place.

Out of this, Facebook is the ideal platform for remarketing. Video advertising (own videos) is currently something that
performs very well. One of the reasons for this is probably that videos in the Newsstreem of Facebook are automatically played (Autoplay function). Apart from the obvious things like demography, location, interests Facebook users can sometimes be targeted according to some very useful and unexpected data (e.g. just married, recently moved, parent of toddlers, Expat) you wouldn't get as easily somewhere else. Depending on your company's industry, products, services this really can be a true gem!

The advertising opportunities on Facebook are still relatively cheap compared to other platforms.

Pragmatic use of social media

Here, too, I propose a relatively pragmatic approach. It makes relatively little sense to be present on all channels and
to want to be involved everywhere: its simply not feasible and efficient.

If you want to maximize impact with limited resources, it makes sense to focus on platforms or kind of advertising where
your target audience is active, or that is appropriate for your products, services, or your business. I would also be glad to help you to separate the wheat from the chaff, or give you an overview of what would be possible at all.

I support you from the development of an effective social media strategy to the implementation of specific concrete projects on selected platforms.

Free Audit

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