Business card and more

The website of a company is like a business card. It delivers the first impression and should make you to want to see more. In addition, you should inform your visitor accordingly and show him your USP's. Last but not least your web siteshould also be designed to turn your visitor into a customer or lead.

Attracting more visitors to your website, be it by using paid advertising, search engine optimization or social
media is nice and probably also useful, but unfolds only the maximum effectiveness, if your visitor is confronted
with an appealing site that generates positive emotions and where he finds as quickly as possible what he is
looking for and where it encounters the least barriers to buy/get in touch with you, etc.


I also pursue a pragmatic approach here, I would like to achieve the best possible result with minimal effort.

For this, the combination of WordPress as a content management system (CMS) + buy / adapt an existing template or
designs (theme) has shown to be particularly cost-efficient and fast.

Here are a few websites that we have created using this approach:

On request, we can also create 100% individual designs or use other CMS systems:
www.naturheilpraxis-gehrig.ch (custom design, WordPress as CMS)

Spice up your "old" website?

Sometimes the existing website looks a little bit outdated and/or the technology used in the background does not allow e.g. a search engine optimization with reasonable effort. Thats a perfect opportunity to do a redesign of your website making it run using the latest technology .

Free Audit

If you’ve gotten frustrated trying DIY – or looking for answers to know if your business could be more successful than it has been in the past, call me +41 76 348 00 99, send me a mail info@cesaremarchetti.ch or use the contact form to receive a free audit of your website and campaigns.